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We love doing the work that lets you live pain-free.

We love knowing that you smile with confidence.

We love serving our community — and that’s why we’ve been doing it for decades.

We have a heart-centered philosophy.

When you take care of people like they’re your own cherished family, your highest quality work comes forward. That’s how we get the results that we do — we provide our best professional dental care for every treatment. And yes, our cleanings also get quite the hype.

We’ve grown with our patients for decades.

We know how important trust is in a relationship. We deliver masterful personal service every time, knowing that exceptional dentistry is compelling, but it’s not enough. We go above and beyond our superior dental care to put you at ease, let you know you’re supported, and bring you (dare we say) genuine happiness during each visit.

We believe in compassionate service.

When you walk in and you’re in pain, pressed for time, worried about cost, or less-than-thrilled about some past dental disaster, we go into nurture mode … guiding you through your best options for punctual, pain-free, and perfect dental care.

Top 10 Smile-Worthy Features of JZ Family Dental

For every treatment, we thrive on making your visits easy, quick, and pain-free.

10. We start and finish on time

Seems too good to be true? This is just the beginning of our precision.


9. Our technology steadily advances to make your visits more efficient

Same goes for our knowledge — we regularly attend continuing education courses.


8. We provide same-day implant treatments to minimize your visits

As much as we love having you here, we know your time is important.


7. We make top-quality dental care a no-brainer

If you’ve got dental insurance already, fantastic. But if not, we can still help you get what you need with our Papo Family Dentistry Benefits Plan. Just call and ask how!


6. We let you set aside extra time to receive extensive treatments in one sitting

Our overachieving patients like to get things done in one day. We get it … we’re overachievers too.

5. Our office is in a central location

“You know that gray and white building when you get off the Palisades Parkway?”

“Oh yes, the one with the happy tooth sign!”


4. We’re super with kids

We’re pretty good with grown-ups too.


3. We’re cost-conscious

We give you all your options so you can choose the ones that meet your needs and budget.


2. We help you live pain-free

Need we say more?


1. We’re the best at what we do

Not because we’re competitive, but because we live to serve.

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